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SATLAB Research

Ongoing research projects

  • Content-Centric Satellite-Integrated Cognitive Radio Networks (UTBRA)

    (2017 - 2020 -- Funded by TUBITAK 1001 Programme)
    In this project, we aim to develop methods, algorithms and analytical models for energy-efficient and high quality-of-service operation in content-centric and satellite-integrated cognitive radio networks. We investigate the impact of heterogeneous network structures and device-to-device communications while focusing on multimedia services in this new network paradigm. For these objectives, we investigate content and energy models and integrate them into our simulation and analytical work. The proposed schemes and models (analytical system model, resource allocation algorithm(s), adaptive streaming scheme(s)) will be tested using simulation and optimization tools.

  • Design And Development of Security-Hardened Software Defined Networks (G2YTA)

    (2018 - 2021 -- Funded by TUBITAK 1001 Programme)
    In G2YTA project, we develop efficient and more secure SDN architectures and systems to address security threats for Future Internet. For this purpose, we focus on identifying/modeling structural security vulnerabilities and developing novel solutions for these issues. We plan not just to design these envisaged outputs but also implement and test them in realistic settings. In addition to providing more secure SDN architectures, data security of these systems will be enhanced.


  • Internet over satellite (IPoS)
  • Voice over IP over satellite (VoIPoS)
  • Digital audio broadcasting (DAB)
  • MPEG2-coded three-dimensional television (3DTV)
  • Satellite and HAP based energy generation and transmission (Solar Power Satellite/HAP - SPSH)

Communication aspects

  • Design of an integrated satellite network architecture
  • Satellite-Terrestrial Networks Integration
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Transport protocols over satellite networks
  • Satellite beam scheduling
  • On-board signal regeneration
  • Adaptive modulation techniques
  • Coding
  • Error control and concealment
  • Multiple access
  • Traffic flow control and modelling
  • Resource planning and management
  • Quality of service
  • Security

Theoretical issues

  • Development of a satellite network with a new methodology of systems engineering
  • Definition of performance-cost tradeoff criteria for the satisfaction of QoS requirements
  • Disaster recovery of a system

Completed PhD. Thesis

  • H. Birkan Yilmaz, Advisor: Dr. Tuna Tugcu, "Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Radio Environment Map Construction in Cognitive Radio Networks," May 2012.
  • Suzan Bayhan, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "Channel Selection and Assignment Schemes for Efficient Spectrum Sharing and Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Networks," April 2012.
  • Didem Gozupek, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "A Scheduling Model for Centralized Cognitive Radio Networks," April 2012.
  • Ömer Korçak, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "Routing and Network Mobility Management in Next Generation Satellite Networks," May 2009.
  • İlker Bekmezci, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "TDMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Military Monitoring Systems," September 2008.

PhD. topics of SATLAB members

  • Gurkan Gur, Dr. Fatih Alagöz, Multimedia over Wireless Networks.
  • M. Sukru Kuran, Dr. Tuna Tugcu, Wireless Mesh Networks.
  • Murat Özyurt, Dr. Tuna Tugcu, Mobility Assisted Adaptive Frequency Planning for Dynamic Cognitive Radio Networks.

MS. Thesis prepared by SATLAB members

  • Onur Turkyılmaz, Fatih Alagöz, "Environment Aware Location Estimation in Cellular Networks," September 2007 [Abstract]
  • Evren Önem, Ufuk Çağlayan, "Formal Security Analysis of a Secure On-demand Routing Protocol for Ad-hoc Networks Using Model Checking," February 2007 [Abstract]
  • Birkan Yılmaz, Tuna Tuğcu, "Foundations Of Next Generation Wireless Systems," 2006 [Abstract]
  • Suzan Bayhan, Fatih Alagoz, "VoIP Performance on Satellite IP Networks with On-Board Processing Capability," 2006 [Abstract]
  • Ayşegul Tuysuz, Fatih Alagoz, "Handover Strategies in Beyond 3G Networks," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Meltem Yıldırım, Fatih Alagoz, "Handover in LEO Satellite Constellation," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Attila Altay Yavuz, Fatih Alagoz, "Syncryption and Elliptic Curves in Satellite Networks," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Serhat Eren Arslan, Prof. Emin Anarım, "An Irregular Clock-controlled Binary Stream Cipher with Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers; The Safe Stream Cipher," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Gurkan Gur, Fatih Alagöz, "Error Concealment Methods for Images Using Watermarking," October 2005 [Abstract]