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SATLAB Research Areas


  • Internet over satellite (IPoS)
  • Voice over IP over satellite (VoIPoS)
  • Digital audio broadcasting (DAB)
  • MPEG2-coded three-dimensional television (3DTV)
  • Satellite and HAP based energy generation and transmission (Solar Power Satellite/HAP - SPSH)

Communication aspects

  • Design of an integrated satellite network architecture
  • Satellite-Terrestrial Networks Integration
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Transport protocols over satellite networks
  • Satellite beam scheduling
  • On-board signal regeneration
  • Adaptive modulation techniques
  • Coding
  • Error control and concealment
  • Multiple access
  • Traffic flow control and modelling
  • Resource planning and management
  • Quality of service
  • Security

Theoretical issues

  • Development of a satellite network with a new methodology of systems engineering
  • Definition of performance-cost tradeoff criteria for the satisfaction of QoS requirements
  • Disaster recovery of a system

Completed PhD. Thesis

  • H. Birkan Yilmaz, Advisor: Dr. Tuna Tugcu, "Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Radio Environment Map Construction in Cognitive Radio Networks," May 2012.
  • Suzan Bayhan, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "Channel Selection and Assignment Schemes for Efficient Spectrum Sharing and Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Networks," April 2012.
  • Didem Gozupek, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "A Scheduling Model for Centralized Cognitive Radio Networks," April 2012.
  • Ömer Korçak, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "Routing and Network Mobility Management in Next Generation Satellite Networks," May 2009.
  • İlker Bekmezci, Advisor: Dr. Fatih Alagöz, "TDMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Military Monitoring Systems," September 2008.

PhD. topics of SATLAB members

  • Gurkan Gur, Dr. Fatih Alagöz, Multimedia over Wireless Networks.
  • M. Sukru Kuran, Dr. Tuna Tugcu, Wireless Mesh Networks.
  • Murat Özyurt, Dr. Tuna Tugcu, Mobility Assisted Adaptive Frequency Planning for Dynamic Cognitive Radio Networks.

MS. Thesis prepared by SATLAB members

  • Onur Turkyılmaz, Fatih Alagöz, "Environment Aware Location Estimation in Cellular Networks," September 2007 [Abstract]
  • Evren Önem, Ufuk Çağlayan, "Formal Security Analysis of a Secure On-demand Routing Protocol for Ad-hoc Networks Using Model Checking," February 2007 [Abstract]
  • Birkan Yılmaz, Tuna Tuğcu, "Foundations Of Next Generation Wireless Systems," 2006 [Abstract]
  • Suzan Bayhan, Fatih Alagoz, "VoIP Performance on Satellite IP Networks with On-Board Processing Capability," 2006 [Abstract]
  • Ayşegul Tuysuz, Fatih Alagoz, "Handover Strategies in Beyond 3G Networks," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Meltem Yıldırım, Fatih Alagoz, "Handover in LEO Satellite Constellation," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Attila Altay Yavuz, Fatih Alagoz, "Syncryption and Elliptic Curves in Satellite Networks," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Serhat Eren Arslan, Prof. Emin Anarım, "An Irregular Clock-controlled Binary Stream Cipher with Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers; The Safe Stream Cipher," June 2006 [Abstract]
  • Gurkan Gur, Fatih Alagöz, "Error Concealment Methods for Images Using Watermarking," October 2005 [Abstract]