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      Affiliated Research Labs

NETLAB - Boğaziçi University Network Research Laboratory

BUSIM - Boğaziçi University Signal and Image Processing Laboratory
      European Projects
European Satellite Communications - Network of Excellence (SatNEx)
Satellite-based communications systems within IPv6 networks (SATSIX)
Public Safety Communication Europe (PSC Europe)
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Horizon 2020
"Networks of Excellence"
6th IST Framework Programme

European Space Agency (ESA)

European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research  (COST)
      Related Projects
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Task Force (ASMS-TF)
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems-Task Force Specific Support Action  (MoSSA)
Mobile Applications & sErvices based on  Satellite & Terrestrial inteRwOrking  (MAESTRO)
  Terrestrial Wireless Infrastructure integrated with
    Satellite Telecommunications for E-Rural
Network of Excellence in Wireless
  Global Broadband Satellite Infrastructure